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At Townes B. Johnson III, we creatively and aggressively pursue recovery for you; before and after judgment.  We employ a full compliment of collection strategies to protect your rights as a creditor;  including sending demand letters, filing lis pendens, recording liens, performing post-judgment discovery, supplemental proceedings,  garnishing wages (in authorized jurisdictions) and accounts, attaching and levying on real and personal property and negotiating payment plans.

Collection Law

We have experience collecting on retail and commercial obligations as well as collecting on stale or dormant judgments.  We routinely assist clients collect the money they are owed on retail claims, commercial claims, rents, HOA dues, mortgage deficiencies, automobile deficiencies, and subrogation claims.  We also routinely help Bankruptcy Trustees and Judgment Creditors collect on stale judgments before they extinguish by law.

The bottom line is you are owed the money - let us help you recover what you deserve.

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